Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can't hurt to repeat myself myself for a good cause, can it?

All right, I know I've said at least twice I will update "youse guys" on some events in my recent life. And I will do so. But prepping for, growing through, and recuperating from WYD, as well as getting back into the swing of a new semester/year, have all kept me tied up. But the posts are coming. Why bother announcing this? Partially to keep any faint embers of interest warm in your blog-hungry minds, but also to post a blog-memo for myself: "Hey, dude, get on it. You're not the only one waiting on those posts!"

So, on the horizon here at FCA:

+ Finally finish/post my pre-reception series on the Sacraments. [DONE]

+ Share some thoughts on my post-reception "euphoria" as a new Catholic.

+ Sketch a whimsical experience of being Catholic at a monastery in rural Taiwan.

+ Share a couple humorous confessional anecdotes and some funny "near-drama" at Mass this weekend. [DONE]

+ Unveil the great pre-WYD prayer crisis!

+ Post a few thoughts on our Dear, Blessed Lady (i.e., the doctrines associated with her and especially the Assumption). [POSTPONED/CANCELLED] How I love her.

+ Share a brief primer on the New Testament basis for virginity as a way of Christian life. [DONE]

+ Present a rather long (serialized) article on Confession (and sacramental reality generally).

+ Offer a shorter reflection on the biblical basis for, and eschatological vision of, merit (that notorious "Catholic invention"!). [POSTPONED/CANCELLED]

+ Highlight a new FCA Patron Saint! [DONE]

+ Offer some tips on prayer from my own experience. [DONE]

+ Post some photos and commentary from WYD.

+ Post a reflection on the evangelical counsels in religious life *as well as* in the connubial life.

+ Present some reflections and statistics on global population issues.

+ Continue (and thereby withdraw from) my discussion with "Reader" about the celibacy of Jesus and "the historical Jesus" in general.

+ Perhaps also run an outline of the Differences/Similarities between Presbyterians (my former denomination, and a background I truly cherish!) and Catholics (to help Fr. Ramon with a talk he will give at the Prov. U. Presby student union). [DONE] How I loved growing up in "the wings of the Church" at RPC in Jacksonville. O Dominus, ut unum sint! Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis peccatoribus!

That's enough to forecast for now. Thanks for your patience, as it were, and keep me in your prayers. Mass was beautiful this morning, and going to Providence U. to lead the Chinese-English Bible study yesterday was worth the whole long exhausting urban day. (Tonight's Spanish-English-Chinese study should also be edifying! Haha!)


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