Thursday, May 5, 2005

Awww, how adorable!

FCA's inching toward it's one year birthday!

By the way, from time to time, and usually more from time than to time, I get comments (via email or Haloscan) that people really do enjoy FCA. Alas, as awkward as it may be for me, the blogmaster, to admit this, I find this hard to believe. My incredulity is more of a reflex of my writer's insecurity than a real denial this could be true. To imagine my sporadic, scattershot reportage and my theological navel-gazing could actually amuse or edify someone -- incredible!

I'm hardly tugging for sympathy or cheer-me-up comments here, I'm just voicing my genuine perplexity: do you or does anyone you know actually enjoy FCA? And if so, have you or anyone you know sought proper help? (In the interest of keeping messy gushing and well-tempered flattery out of the public eye, you could just as favorably email me -- at fidescogitactio at gmail dot com -- if you have something to say.)

Quite a lot of the time I write for my own personal sake (i.e., to hone my writing skills, to keep in touch (sort of) with family and friends, to document various thoughts for later consideration, etc.). Nevertheless, knowing readers benefit from my quixotic fides, cogitactio and actio would help me as I process various decisions and priorities.

Okay, back to snoozing.

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