Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I didn't film it...

like this guy did, but I just thought I'd let you know I have been growing a fat beard since January 3.

Every month I become a new political philosopher! Alas, I'm probably about a year away from reaching Marxist heights and years away from Darwinian or Tolstoyan grandeur! But Socrates is in reach. All in time, heh heh.

(In truth, it is not merely an aesthetic thing - is anything? - but is a sort of sacramental I, as a Catholic, "wear" to keep me mindful of my union, and hopes for reunion, with Eastern Orthodoxy and Judaism.)


michaelk borussia said...

Barba non facit philosophum...but all that reading you're doing certainly helps.
Michaelk Borussia

Diego de la valle said...

Or how about Islam's with Christianity? After all, my most recent conclusion of them due to basis upon Hebrew and Christian ideas is that of a non-Christian cult rather than a religion!

Here's hoping Muslims come to the Jesus they acknowledge as a religious teacher and prophet, but no more.

Throw me an email Elliot!

the Cogitator said...

The traditional stance on Islam is that it is a CHRISTIAN cult, a Christian heresy called Ishmaelitism. St. John of Damascus, Chrysorrhoa, the Golden Stream, made made this claim in the 7th century (see here) and it is part and aprcel of the Tradition. This is, basically, why the Catholic Church acknowledges important basic connections between Islam and Christianity. Obviously, however, given the vigor with which Islam has rejected a number of key dogmas in the Faith, it is effectively a "non-Christian" movement. All the same, I always think of it, in history and therefore hopefully in the future, as a restless Christian heresy awaiting union in Christ's Church.