Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In walks Pluto

Pluto shuffles into a bar, sits down next to Saturn.

"I, uh, heard the news," mumbled Saturn, averting his eyes slowly.

"Yeah...," answers Pluto, letting out a nasal sigh.

"It's...not right, I mean...they never even gave you a chance. Less than a century, what is that?" Saturn continues, swallowing hard every few words.

"Oh hell," roars a guy across the way. "Quit being so saturnine! So he lost his planet status, big deal."

"Hey, pal, was I talkin' to you?" Pluto chirped back.

"Aw, take it easy, man," muttered Saturn.

"It's not so bad being a dwarf planet," Mars consoled with a wagging tongue. "At least you keep the name, sort of."

"If you knew anything, you'd know the proper term is 'orbitally challenged'," huffed Pluto. "Stupid cretin."

"Hey," answered Mars with a shrug and a grin, "I'm not a Cretan -- I'm Martian!"

Here's where you laugh the hardest.

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