Sunday, November 19, 2006

Okay, I'm calling it

I just saw Happy Feet (yes, the CGI-animation movie about a dancing penguin), and I'm making this call: the penguins are actually aliens (that have however only dimly remembered their origins), and get help from their still-celestial kin. The star cluster, the mythology, the twinkling, the feather -- these are my clues.

Another random update: a few weeks ago I sold some used books in Taipei, but held off from buying Daniel Dennett's Brainchildren (on the silly grounds pshaw! that I wouldn't read it any time soon). Well, since then I've been having that bookworm itch and asked my friend to pick it up for me today on her trip to Taipei. Meanwhile, I checked it out at, and discovered Brainchildren goes for $70.00 US hardcover and $30 US paperback! Tonight when I got my hands on the book, I was giddy to find it only cost me $180 NT (under $5 US). I LOVE scoring book deals like that.

Good night!

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D.J. Skull-Fog said...

I kinda wanna read Dennet's Brainstorms.