Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Ritalin Fan Club?

You know I like to (try to) coin new words. So why not try for a new phrase? I googled it and found nothing matching "ritalin fan club". I'm callin it!

The thought came to mind today because I recalled how in college I became very anxious about the possibility I had (have) ADHD, or something like it. I have always been curious to try the stuff, to see what effect it had. Imagining myself loving the ritalin high -- a methylphenidate euphoria -- I envisioned founding the Ritalin Fan Club, Intl. It would consist of people united in their panegyrical anecdotes for ritalin. The screenplay would be a musical, bursting with hymns to "livin on ritalin". My favorite piece is the "Ritalin Blues".

Such is I.

Do you see now why I wonder about me and ADHD? :emoticon:


Karen said...

I've had ADD all my life -- long before it was trendy. When I was growing up, it was called many things other than ADD. My favorite being "flighty."

My husband has it too, and my daughter has ADHD. Makes for interesting times at our house.

My daughter and I both take ritalin, but only when we are really stressed -- like December. There's no "high," you are just less stupid and drive people slightly less crazy.

I'm a member of the Martini Fan Club, although I have not googled it.

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