Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hibernation time

Dear readers,

It may be assuming a lot to add a plural S to that addressee. But assuming this reaches you, I just want to let you know I must go "underground" for a while. I have some "cave time" to attend to, and can`t maintain FCA for an indefinite period of time. Nor email.

Cheers until...

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Anonymous said...

i`m one of your students in tcfsh.
in the recent classes we only read THE THUESDAYS OF MORRIE(I forgot the nameof that book...).
i feel a little boring,because we do reading all the time.
the class IECC have been the only chance in our life to practice speaking English,so I don`t want the class being no difference with our school.
i really want to learn the culture of your country ,how you feel and learned there (TAIWAN)or the view of you to the world. it will really help we students.

TO sum up i want to learn something can leads us to peer the whole world,and something we can`t learn in Taiwan.
AND only you can help us SPEAKING Eng..