Monday, April 28, 2008

Some spoken-word gems...

...during the Junior 1 speech contest.

"Hello, everyone, and all organisms in the ecosystem! My name is BLURB. Today I will give a speech about, Who is my favorite friend? ... Who is my favorite friend? My favorite friend, etc."

This glitch in the matrix was employed by numerous students and by numerous students this glitch was employed.

"Spotty's name was Spotty and Spotty had spots on his body, so we called him Spotty."

"Today I will talk about my best friend. My name is Paul and my best friend is Paul."

"Today I would like to give a peach."

"He has only been my friend for one sister, but he is a good friend."

"He is a good friend, and makes me happy, but sometimes he makes me angry when he hits me in the penis!"

For maximum effect, imagine most of these lines not merely being spoken but shouted, at high volume, with rehearsed choreography, to boot.

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