Monday, February 16, 2009

Goodness is its own reward…

"…I do something [such as throwing a ball through a window] for some reason that belongs to me and so the transient process [of throwing the ball] is an instrument to the fulfilling of my purpose, satisfaction of my desire and so on. … [This analysis] is not only compatible with altruistic behavior but is presupposed by it. When I help a person in need because they are in need, I transiently do something for them, but immanently perfect my own nature by conforming to morality –– even if I am not thinking about this at the time. Altruism does not even make sense if this basic self-perfection is not presupposed in the action [of transiently performing acts for the good of others]."

–– David S. Oderberg, "Teleology: Inorganic and Organic", p. 262, n. 13

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