Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The absence of presence…

How can you be friends with someone afraid of life?

How can you pet a cat stuck up in a tree?

How do you dance in a minefield?

The absence of presence does not equal the presence of absence. He whose presence is absent to us may yet very well be present by his absence for us. A hug, an embrace, is an empty space, an absence of a concrete obstruction.

Think on it.

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The Cogitator said...

Carl said: ""Befriending anyone is easy when you don't have any expectations. Petting a cat that's stuck in a tree is a simple task completed when you have a ladder and something the cat wants... Dancing in a minefield is best done at night with sunglasses on - so at least you look cool when you get blown to smithereens... thanks for the food for thought."