Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The study of the study of new words.

Not of my own neologizing but I consider it a neologistic bedfellow. (Having a made-up bedfellow doesn't make me gay, does it?)

But I bet I can lay claim to paleoneologology: the ancient study of the study of new words, which the unknowing masses call etymology. (I'll throw in neoneologology as a bonus.) I feel just as secure in saying that any Gödelian attempt to top paleoneologology by adding another paleo-, neo-, -ology, et cetera, ad infinitum, is crude and neologistically unsightly. Or maybe I'm already hoisted by my own petard.

No matter. I want to record a few (more) stabs at neologistic glory here, for the record, for posterity, for the little people.

I admit it: I use Facebook. I'm a Facebooker. But I stand by my claim that I have never once abbreviated Facebook with an F and a B. It's just too chummy, too cultish. But I pergess.

Pergess, you ask? Why, I just made it up and it is apparently a different way to say segue. I was about to end the previous paragraph by saying "But I digress," but "digress" would have been inaccurate, seeing as I had not even gotten to the point of mentioning Facebook enough to digress from it. So it turns out I pergressed from a seemingly random (and therefore quasi-digressive) mention of Facebook to the reason for that mention.

But I digress. From my pergression.

My latest musing is to wonder, "What if it were Fascesbook?" I have Googled Fascesbook and haven't found any hits so far. My buddy ponders with me a world with "Faecesbook," which I liken to a Roman Shitfacedbook. What dreams may come? I shudder to imagine. (In fact, Faecesbook has an impressive pedigree on the Internet, if Google is any indication. And it is.)

Of note for neologistic posterity is my deployment of "metaphysical adjectivalism" in my post "Every ism is."

Of note for neologistic posterity is my invocation of the Selfish Geneie in my post about "Cat'lic scandal". The Selfish Geneie is the Spirit of Natural Selection revealed to mankind by Its Prophet (RBUH [Royalties Be Upon Him]), Richard Dawkins, and reminds us how inescapably metaphysical even a staunchly "naturalist" selectionism is. The Selfish Geneie's will is as inscrutable as it is immutable and Its character as anthropomoprhic as that in any theistic reverie. (That's right, friends, calling the Ultimate Principle "blind," "merciless," "cunning," "cold," "wise," "relentless," and so on, is just to anthropomorphize in a cosmos allegedly run by a wholly non-personal Being.)

Of note for neologistic posterity is my reference to pinyinism, as the movement to alphabetize Chinese, in my post "Resistance is few tile…". (What's really weird is that my post has turned up, 18 hours ago as of this writing, here, at an apparently anonymous website about China. Resistance really is few-tile––a Bougis has been borged!)

If you're curious, you can search FCA's archives for my past grabs for neologistic excellence (try neologism, neologistic).

"As you wish!"

(P.S. Let me be the first to tell me that Facebook needs a function for Liking that other people Like things, on my page or others'.)

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