Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wind's up…

I recently acquired a complete Latin text of Summa contra gentiles––Is the Internet Archive the best website… or the best website ever?––and have decided to post only significant excerpts or doctrines and my own glosses from my reading of SCG. I will refer to the Latin myself in study. I need to be moving more quickly through SCG and the blog formatting is too tedious.

Henceforth my plan is to post readings from Saints and Augustine only when they are related to feast days or the Mass when the Spirit moves me. I will continue to post German "lessons" for myself, but that will be catch as catch can. I also want to keep posting Albert's De adhaerendo Deo, but, again, will do so as time permits.

In addition, I have decided to adopt a new gym regimen which requires me to be in the gym only two days a week: Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. I will train my grip on Wednesdays and do some core/ab and aerobic exercise on off days, which may entail using aerobic equipment at the gym if I feel like it. I recently devised my own mace bell (a design which I will tweak once I find longer sections of slightly thicker pipe), and just last night I figured out how to make my own "Gut Wrench" device from the mace as well, so training my core is a breeze now. I've also resolved to start working out in the mornings. I think this will help me get up and sleep earlier, partially because I am obliged to wake up to hit the weights and partially because not working out at night will make me less agitated or "wired" at night.

In other words, enough farting around.

I went on a wonderful retreat with old friends/parishioners this weekend and my Lenten focus got a boost. I also read Sertillanges's splendid The Intellectual Life over the weekend and feel a new resolve to live a more disciplined, more organized, which is to say a humbler life towards my intellectual vocation [my latest readings, btw]. Thus have I weeded out a few more books that are more extraneous than not to my research interests and am taking steps to increase greatly my engagement of Aquinas (and other auctores) in Latin. Interesting what one must do to make up for a relatively poor education, and what one can do based on a relatively excellent education.

Stay tuned.

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