Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wall of separation…

"[A]s Professor Médaille reveals, the Enlightenment’s wall of separation of the 'moral question and the economic question' compelled civilization to flirt with capitalism, socialism, Communism, Keynesianism, mercantilism, and even laissez-faire. And this last has, unfortunately, replaced the 'free' in free market with excess and fiscal libertinism.

"Absent distributive justice, we cannot speak of supply and demand. [Economics] isolated from the external truths of the higher sciences ... is insufficient and disconnected from truth. ... Indeed, this 'free' market called capitalism is a system of privatized profits and socialized losses. Deregulatory and 'free' market policies have led us to higher debt, more centralized economic power, and larger government. ...

"The author suggests certain steps are needed to achieve a free market. Corporate tax subsidies must be eradicated so that the collectivizing of production and the strong political power of corporations can be eliminated."
-- "Toward a Truly Free Market: A Review" -

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