Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'No constitutional rights', full stop…

WH: Signatures to Rescind HHS Contraceptive Mandate Exceed Those on Petition in Favor of Policy 5 to 1
By Edwin Mora
February 6, 2012

That petition, which was created on Jan. 28, notes that HHS “is mandating that all employer healthcare insurance plans provide coverage for procedures which violate the beliefs of the Catholic Church, and Catholic institutions.” …

HHS will begin enforcing the policy in August and has given religious organizations an extra year to implement the mandate.

Despite concerns by the Catholic community including over 100 bishops and leaders of other denominations, the White House last week said that there is: ‘no constitutional rights issues’ surrounding the mandate.

Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a Catholic, has introduced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which will overturn the HHS mandate.

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mightygreekwritingmachine said...

And the Nazis said, "What Jews? There are no Jews in jeopardy here." --If I tell you to do it, you will do it-- will become the philosophy as well as the inevitable action mandated by some ludicrous policy based on some obscure reasoning from the minds of even some more obscure committee, which will later be given a euphemism for a name, like Homeland Security (state police), especially in a country as nubile, greedy, and insular as the USA. If we can agree to invade a country illegally, i.e., Iraq, we can circumvent the US Constitution by explaining it away through waves of circumlocution from the euphemism committee and it's non-judicial marketing spokesperson.