Sunday, August 5, 2018

When the "development of doctrine" fetish hits...

"If capital punishment is wrong in principle, then the Church has for two millennia consistently taught grave moral error and badly misinterpreted scripture. And if the Church has been so wrong for so long about something so serious, then there is no teaching that might not be reversed, with the reversal justified by the stipulation that it be called a 'development' rather than a contradiction. A reversal on capital punishment is the thin end of a wedge that, if pushed through, could sunder Catholic doctrine from its past—and thus give the lie to the claim that the Church has preserved the Deposit of Faith whole and undefiled."

If you weren't interested in the counter-narrative, you wouldn't be reading this blog. So, for reference, the Vatican used to have its own public executioner, Giovanni Battista Bugatti, and yet it was somehow the seat of the Vicar of Christ. Funny how that works, innit? 

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Recall that Mary told the Fatima children that Russia would spread her errors unless the Pope consecrated Russia to her Immaculate heart

That has never been done and, thus, we can see the result of the refusal of Mary’s request

The primary error of Russia is that it is anthropocentric and concerned with man and his presumptive earthly perfection

During the Second Vatican Council the new theology “ experts” effected a revolution within the form of Catholicism and so we went from Theocentrism to Anthropocentrism as we fell victim to the primary error of Russia as perfectly predicted by Mary

As was claimed by the about-to-be-Canonised, Paul VI, "We have the cult of man," and most modern Popes have become every bit the object of a personality cult as was Stalin.

It is great to see you back in the saddle and rough-riding over those who have fled the herd and trying your damndest to get them back in the corral before it is too late.