Saturday, January 7, 2006

Clank clank clank

I've been seemingly inert here at FCA but active elsewhere.

+ This week we wrapped up our semesterly book revision, which kept me busy all week (and some days, working into the wee hours of dawn!). As arduous as it may be, doing a marathon of lesson planning before the semester starts sure beats tedious ongoing generation of weekly lessons.

+ I've also put some good polishing to my two upcoming series: "Confession and the Sacraments" and "Popping the Population Bomb". Stay tuned.

+ There's a new post up at ScIn. Have a laugh.

+ I tweaked FCA's HTML template so it is viewable by both Expeys and Firefoxes. I'm peeved doing so means FCA in Firefox has a large gap between the post section and the sidebar, but I'm happy to have found a solution. "FCA: Where the Two Shall Read as One!" (Hmmm, maybe not...)

+ I finally got my parish's web page up and running. It's still very primitive, patchy and not where it needs to be, but have a look anyway: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Taiwan. After two weeks of agonizing over what idiotic error I'd made to prevent the whole site from publishing, I'm happy to report the delays all turned out to be the provider's fault. (Incidentally, here's the parish lector schedule I also organize. If you're ever passing through, let me know and I'll sign you up!)

Be well and be warm (Taiwan just took a sudden "turn for the cold")!

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