Thursday, January 26, 2006

And...I'm out

Last day of teaching today, for about two weeks. I've been "dealing" with things (fiscal, academic, spiritual, etc.) the last few days. Sorry to leave you hanging (except for a couple posts at ScIn). Such is blogdom, eh?

I'm headed off eeaarrrly tomorrow to Li Shan for a few days' getaway. Then it's back in Taichung for a few days not-away, during which I do hope to post more in the never-ending series of series. And then, I'm off to Jing Shan, a Jesuit retreat center, for a more intense, more directed retreat.

During all this time, though I will have the occasional access to the Net, I am for the most part offline in every sense of the word. Feel free to contact me, but don't expect a prompt reply.

I hope you're well and God bless you!


Ian said...

Have a wonderful time, and God bless.

lil said...

ENJOY YOURSELF, MY FRIEND!!!See you in February.

Anonymous said...

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Devin Kaun said...

Happy new year my dear hula hoopin friend!

Anonymous said...

Elliot! It is so good to see that you are doing well. I stumbled across your site when I was searching for the quote "Only artists know how to see." Anywho, I hope you are doing well and St. Christopher, protect you! ~Cheryl S, Ohio