Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze

I hate sounding like such a wheezer, but these days I just >wheeze< cannot >wheeze< generate >wheeze< any blogging steam. Not that that's a very bad thing. I still have the final series-essays "on [perpetual] deck", but lately, being all over Taiwan during the break, trying to "keep in step with the Spirit" after my retreat all last week (which was almost certainly the most totally, holistically edifying retreat of my life), catching up on so many bagging loose ends as soon as I got back in Taichung, prepping for a new semester, etc. The usual slog.

Haha, but I'm doing well. Thanks for your various comments, too. Wish I could say more, really, but, that's all I've got. For now, life offline won't stop screaming my name. All in due time...

PS. Some of you who chimed in about my taste in tea and martial arts may be pleasantly surprised by some changes on the horizon for this wee sinful blogger.

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