Friday, June 2, 2006

New post (sort of) at ScIn!

"No, I'm not that smart"


joye said...

I just read your comment at Jimmy Akin's blog, and I seriously have no idea what it means. I've read it about five times now and I'm still wondering if you're suffering from acute thesaurus-itis. "I must avert my nous"? That was the only word I didn't immediately recognize, but the over-all effect was still baffling.


the Cogitator said...

Dear Joye,

"Nous" is a Greek patristic term that means, basically, the eye of the soul. It is the living spiritual conduit through which we recieve and reject grace. So, by averting my nous, I mean to say I may let my eyes read that blog, but only if I keep my nous turned toward God.