Friday, June 23, 2006

Now I see

Now I know. For how long I will hold onto this knowledge, this walking epiphany, however, I do not know. The truth now fills my mind, as vividly as a laser beam through a diamond, that there is nothing greater than love. Nothing more powerful and lasting than love. Nothing shall save the world but love; nothing, as well, shall destroy the world -- in its pallid, corrupted accretions -- besides love.

I now know because today was my last day of teaching at Viator. It ends three years of teaching conversational English to Taiwanese students from ages 13 to 17. As the day progressed, my students warmth and affection increased. All day I was handed little hand-drawn goodbye cards, full of heroically written, albeit adorably broken, English. They showed me such tenderness, such happiness, such regret for my departure. They showed me such love. After months of teaching them English, my students in a few hours taught me what love means. I, the teacher "on high," have been showered with so much love "from below" -- hat can I do but speak the one Christian truth that sums them all up? Indeed: All is grace; all is gift; all is privilege; all is love.

The most poignant moment came in my second to last class. I was kneeling at a couple desks talking with a few students, when, suddenly, one of them, "Amy Fish", suddenly uttered the most delicate sentence I have heard in recent memory: "Teacher, I really wanna cry." Boom.

For a Taiwanese middle school girl to say something like that so directly, so unaffectedly, and so lovingly -- it was as if a long-sleeping oracle whimpered into my ear. I touched the top of her head very gently, diffidently, saying, "I know... I understand... it's okay." Much of the rest of the class was spent with me signing girls' arms.

Only at the end of the day did I let myself cry.

[That's all I can write at the moment, but I hope to expand this post in the next day or two. it may not happen for some time, though (as is my wont), since I must prepare for my 2.5 week trip to mainland China.]


Louis Liu said...

Response to Elliot’s Chinese BLOG
Friday, June 23, 2006
我明白了 我終於明白了! 我終於領悟了!
我看見. 我今天學在生命比仁愛沒有更強的, 也沒有更漂亮的.
如今,我終於明白了! 長久以來,一直存在我心底深處的那份莫名的領悟與悸動,
現在,我終於領悟了!原來”愛 ”(LOVE)的真諦(truth)就像是投射在寶石上的那道雷射光,既真實、且逼真又活靈活現地嵌入我的心坎裡!我終於瞭解到在我們的生命中沒有一樣東西是會比愛來得更偉大、更長久的!
旗仁愛以外都沒有會拯救 [zheng3 jiu4] 世界的;
另外(也)沒有會(沒有像愛一樣的東西會)破壞(這個)世界的罪惡和錯覺的. 雖然我又(也)了解這個存生(生存)之(之道是個)"公開的秘密", 可是我還(仍然)不知道我多久會記得它(我有多久的時間仍然會記得它). 那麼, 先在(現在,如今)最重要的就是認定我今天學會的(要確定我今天終於學到了or 我今天終於領悟到了愛的真諦), 然後(最後我還要)感謝天主.

可是因為大家後來都知道我明年不會再來衛道教書, 就感覺這個 "再見" 是最終的 [zui4 zhong de]. (這次終於要說再見了!)
可是因為她(他)們後來才發現到(or感覺到or才都知道)這個再見是”玩真的”(真的再見了!不知道何年何月何日何時才會再相見)( I can feel that everyone’s heart is broken!)(or 這是最後一次說再見了!)
台灣學生平常大部分有一點悶 (要說, 他們比較少給大家尤其老師看他們的心情之真相). 但是好多今天呼然怎麼那麼溫心的耶! 我整天接受一封一封有手工寫的很可愛的很誠實的卡片.
平常台灣的學生大部分都是”悶悶的”(惦惦吃三碗飯-Taiwanese slang: It means people usually are quiet,but they can eat 3 bowls of rice per meal. You never know what they are thinking.
My feedback: Chinese students are humble and they must obey what the teachers and parents said according to our traditions or authority(權威). Students who often ask too many questions will cause troubles because the peer will say they want to show-off or flatter the teachers(拍馬屁). Hence, Chinese students dare not raising questions or objections during the class due to the wrong traditions and cultural mis-understanding. This is what we are talking about “ Independent thinking and discussing “. Chinese education system still have some traditional myths existing!
但是,有好多位學生今天不知道怎麼回事突然變得那麼令人感到溫馨(溫暖or 窩心or 貼心). 我今天一整天不斷地收到了一封又一封的親手製作的既可愛又真誠(honest)而且使用抝口且”破”英文的一些小卡片。
Feedback: I remember a German movie long time ago. It describes the last class during WWII. After this class, young students will go to the wars.

"我(們)永(遠)不會忘記你(的)!" 我也永不會忘記他們(的)!
To Sir with love!(A very famous American movie during 1960s.)

最後一堂課的時候(,)很多我的高一學生要抱我; (在)剛(開始)上課的時候(,)他們也讓我驚訝(竟然要提前)過(or歡渡)我(將要在下個月才要舉行的生日)的下個月舉行的生日. 唱歌, 跳舞, 禮物 -- 我怎麼可能那麼幸福的呢? (I am so moved!)(Well, you know how passionate, emotional and enthusiastic Chinese are!)This is the way we treat our teachers no matter what we are in military or universities in Taiwan, Hongkong or mainland China. All is the same! Because of the Confucious’ influence! Teachers are respectable by everyone or the entire society!
I remember that the farewell party held in Kwangying’s Department of Foreign Literature on June 3rd, an American prfessor who taught English novelty and have been served for over 30 years in the National Taiwan University since 1976. He will be retired two more years by 65 years old. He is still a singular and he is living in the dorm now.
His name is Casey. I knew him because he was an USMC by recognizing his necktie-pin with an USMC emblem which I had too! Kwangying did not choose his class. I think I will visit him someday. It indicates that how respects the people pays to their own teachers.

"我(們)會想念你(的)." 我也會想念他們(的)!

最感動的經驗的時候, 就是一個我的國二的女學生忽然跟我說: "老師, 我真想哭啊." 他好可憐喔! 他(她)的頭在書桌趴著 [pa zhe], 不要給我看他的快要哭的眼睛, 但是她的真心後來那麼夭夭的爬出來讓我聽他的年輕的仁愛! 我今天(尤其當時)想到 (其實又發現了!) 當老師是最終的最貴族的天職的一個!
她看起來真讓人憐愛與心痛(於心不忍)! 她把頭趴在書桌上,不想讓我看到她快要哭出來(流出淚水or 噙紅)的雙眼
What is the original English text of “ 但是她的真心後來那麼夭夭的爬出來讓我聽他的年輕的仁愛! 我今天(尤其當時)想到 (其實又發現了!) ”
當老師是最終的最貴族的天職的一個! 在華人的世界裡,當一位老師真的是一個高貴(honable,noble)而神聖的(holy)天職(工作)(Remember I told you that teacher is a holy and respectable job in the Chinese world)。

我今天不但再學會老師的重要性是"多少錢", 另外終於 [zhong yu2] 再學會天主教的包含全部天主教的真實的真實: 全部都是grace(恩寵)、全部都是禮物, 都是特殊 [te4 shu],(privilege?恩典) 都是愛.
我今天又學到了(or領悟到): 當一位老師不僅僅只是(not only)追求”利”(money),而且(but also)也終於體會到(finally learned)一位基督教徒( Christian is not天主教 ) 如何使用一句真理( truth)來綜合閳釋祂的教義與真諦( hat can I do but speak the one Christian truth that sums them all up? ) 綜合來說就是:一切都是恩寵(grace),一切都是恩賜(gift), 一切都是恩典(privilege),一切都是愛(love).
Question: Why you use hat?
帖 撒 羅 尼 迦 前 書 --

5:16 要 常 常 喜 樂 . 17 不 住 (停)的 禱 告 . 18 凡 事 謝 恩(感恩) . 因 為 這 是 神 在 基 督 耶 穌 裡 向 你 們 所 定 的 旨 意 。


[我可能會改天發展者簡文或嚼錠錯誤. 歡迎你的改錯啦! 也有英文的原本的版本.]
接下來的幾天我也許會、我也許不會、也許改天會繼續擴大(expand)這個中文的部落格(Chinese BLOG),因為我要為我的大陸之行做一些準備! 歡迎各位先進不吝批評指教!( replace歡迎你的改錯啦! )
(歡迎各位先進不吝批評指教!This is a very useful Chinese phrase. You can always use it as a closing when the book or article is finished or to the end.)
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第一天, 第一頁
大家好! 我叫帛亞山, 先在是三年的在台中住在的英語老師和雜誌校訂.
我現在台中擔任英文老師及英語雜誌的編輯(editor is 編輯not校訂),在台中已經住了三年,

今天是我在衛道中學期末日, 下禮拜要去大陸旅行. 我今天決定了要開使一個用國語的blog.
今天是我在衛道中學的最後一個學期的最後一天, 下個禮拜就要去大陸旅行. 我今天決定要開闢一個用使中文(not國語)的blog(部落格).

我等一下要翻譯我剛剛在我的英文的blog寫的(文章or感想or 心得), 就給你們看老師的生命怎麼那麼感動. 讓你們看看老師的生活(not生命)有多麼多采多姿與令人感動的一面!

Anonymous said...

What goes around, comes around...I think LOVE makes the world go around!! (^o^)y