Thursday, August 16, 2007

All right, then, until next...


This is my buddy, Craig's, new blog. He is the former landlord of Craig's Cranny. Now, as you can see, he is back in black (but not in Mac).

Cornhobble, but of course, means:

(v) : to strike a person with a fish, particularly in the face "Captain Jim threatened to cornhobble the insolent sailor."

What I love most about this entry is that it's listed as the fifth (of...?) definitions for cornhobble. English rules.

[TRUE STORY: It was not until five minutes ago, as I was gmailing with Craig himself, that I realized the "(v)" just means "verb". I am an English teacher. This reminds me of a time in high school when Kevin V. wrote "goat" on a boat stand (we were at crew practice) and Isaac N. tried to read it but he could only see and say "" like three times in a row, the whole time Kevin is just staring at him like Isaac's vomiting kittens and saying, "Isaac, are you serious, that's what you read there?" "" "You don't see anything else?" ""]

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