Saturday, August 18, 2007

Apropos l'Assumption de Notre Dame

From FCA's old, intermittent Christian Heritage archives.

[I'm stripmining FCA into text files so I can eventually rework the good stuff into real essays, maybe even books. So, as I go through the archives copying and pasting, you may see some recycling here. For example, the quotes from above and this reflection on maths:

"The flaw was so complex that even explaining it to mathematicians would require the mathematician to study the particular part of the proof intensively for two or three months before making a valid critique." -- from an unnamed book I am reading as a gift for one of my friends.

Now that's my kind of maths. I mean it. Math is best when it's purest. Forget all this practical application work; leave it to the engineers. Since I'll never even make into the parking lot of such maths, give me head-splitting career-stopping abstraction to observe from afar. I never thought I'd get into a maths book, but I have with great interest. I've already got my next pop-maths book on deck.

A co-worker today told me a saying he'd heard when he entered college: "In college, biology is chemistry, chemistry is physics, physics is math, and math is theology." Another co-worker added a clever line: "And sociology is biology." Touche.]

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