Monday, October 15, 2007

"Hard Truth"

The following video is a short documentary, titled "Hard Truth", about the grisly realities of abortion. I found it in a post at the Roman Catholic Blog about another, recent, more mainstream, big-name documentary on abortion in America, Lake of Fire, by Tony Kaye.

Images strike the mind with elemental force and dispel the fog of words built up by so much ethical and legal huffing and puffing. The fact is, abortion is the murdering of human beings. Those words are just as true without photographic enhancement, but seeing the carnage of "free choice" up close, without blinders, is essential to properly weighing those infinitely heavy words. Evil need not always look ugly, but hideous evil can be denied only at grave peril to one's own soul.

Make no mistake: the footage is extremely graphic and disturbing. Watch it with care.

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Michael Turton said...

Hey? Got any videos from the thousands of mothers who die in agony each year because abortion is illegal in their nation?

Naw. It's much harder to watch a 13 year old girl die on the operating table because the doctors have refused to operate on her because they cannot under the law because abortion is illegal. I should introduce you to some of the parents I knew in Kenya who lost daughters that way.

Want to reduce the number of abortions and the number of dead mothers? Legalize abortion, engage in comprehensive sex ed, give women more control over their lives. Anti-abortion isn't about saving lives, but about controlling the sexuality of women.