Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow, where did that come from?

I go through cycles, I guess, oscillating between voracious reading and compulsive writing. Some of last week and this weekend were spent on the heavy-writing end of the swing.

Wednesday I submitted a fairly substantial letter to a local paper, but, seeing as I don't think it made press, I intend to rework it into a self-standing essay.

Thursday evening I pumped out, to my own surprise, a 3,000-word critique of some recent lectures by a philosopher of biology.

On Friday afternoon I compiled my better short stories, a number of my poems, and a handful of my essays into a book I will try printing independently next month or in December, tentatively titled If Trampled Fruit Can Make Wine. Later that night I stripped another year or so of content off of FCA and threw it into any of four text files (Culture & Theology, Philosophy, Memoirs, Teaching in Taiwan), which I intend to sift through, edit, and use to produce more essays, maybe even chapters in projected books. Specifically, I've got in mind one book on matters theological and spiritual, and another on matters philosophical and historical.

Friday evening, also to my own surprise, I cranked out "The Death of the Soul in the Reign of Pro-Choice", my notes on classroom games, and other bits on FCA, all of which amounted to about 3,500 words.

Saturday afternoon I made some good revisions to a book review I need to submit to inFORM, which will finally take flight in November (we have a new editor, I've found a local printer I like). I have been woefully neglectful in my share of getting inFORM formed, but I feel a new strength and focus to really get the leg up on it this time.

Then, last night, all alone in my quiet little dorm cell, I churned out a 5,000-word essay on some common arguments against faith and religion.

It must be the seal oil, coenzyme Q10, cocoa flavonols, and OPC antioxidants I've been eating lately, but golly, if I can get my hands on some nootropics (esp. choline + hydergine + piracetam), my productivity might go through the ceiling! It's amazing what I could make of all the words I've poured into this blog alone.

Of course, considering that I overslept this morning, I am humbly aware of the weakness of my frame.

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