Friday, November 9, 2007

My sozzled dash for a grasp of subatomic physics…

Granted, it doesn't help I grabbed and condensed all this off Wikipedia after three bottles of beer. But here's to latent memory! If only I could handle these little subatomic beasties, then I might really have a chance at retaining my knowledge of them! I need a diagram for these little beasties. Any takers?

  • A) boson: subatomic particle w/integer spin
  • B) fermion: subatomic particle w/half-integer spin
  • B1) lepton: fermion sans strong nuclear force
  • C) hadron: strongly interacting subatomic part (baryon or meson)
  • C1) baryon: strongly interacting fermions
  • C2) meson: strongly interacting boson of quark & antiquark; a hadron w/integral spin

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