Friday, February 29, 2008

Eight and a Half

I finally watched Federico Fellini's last night. It was a true delight. Movie magic in the same league for me as The Wizard of Oz, both films which nearly singlehandedly justify the existence of cinema.

Despite what I'd heard about 's complex mesh of dreams and reality, surrealism and narrative, I found it entirely lucid and easy to follow. It was hilarious but also very touching. A real inspiration to me as I delve more and more deeply into my own creative potential.

A tip I have for viewers: if you find yourself asking, "Gloriosky, is this scene a dream or realist?", the answer is, "Exactly." That dynamic ambiguity is exactly the question Fellini explores about dreams and experience, high-flying creativity and inescapable moral gravity. They flow into each as mutual inspirations, creating both challenges to action and fresh positions for progress.

See this film. The soundtrack is worth the time in its own rights. Hooray!


Nicholas said...

Like cotton candy, amazingly sweet and fun, but intricately astute and alluring. His simplicity is fetching and it carries you into the hynotic spell of the minds and desires of the characters. He was inspired by the richness of his childlike mind and the sophistication of his mature wisdom which he presented like the whirl of cotton candy leaving you enriched and full.

Nicholas said...

AS to my previous comment: I should have qualified the opening with the name: Fellini, who is intricately astute and alluring. Sorry.