Monday, February 18, 2008

Wierd and strnage…

Dropping guests off at the bus station last night, I drove around the block and, to my right, I saw two scooters in flames. One had ignited the seat of the scooter on its right. I, of course, had to park and get some shots, for pseudo-journalistic purposes, but also at a fundamental level to satisfy the ancient masculine love for fire! A man from the bus station ran by me to get some help and a taxi was honking to raise an alarm. I circled back around the block for a second look but then the one-way road was blocked by a honking squad car. I tried to back up but behind me was a taxi, behind which was a fast approaching, howling am-boo-lans, so then I just drove around the squad car to make my exit. By now ten scooters were engulfed in flames as smoke poured out from the overhanging building and glass sparkled on the street. The last thing I sensed was a wave of heat into the windows and the hissing, burping sound of what I think was a gas tank also about to make its exit. Wierd and strnage.

Then as I was driving home this evening, I was watching the back of a sedan ahead of me and then something caught my eye. Lo, a small round object tumbling under the axle, like a football with legs! My eyes widened a moment and suddenly the football stopped rolling and ran, yelping, from the car, which kept trundling into the concrete horizon. The puppy veered left to a nearby house but by the time I turned around to check on it, I couldn't find it. I assume it ran into the abandoned hovel by the road, or it was taken in by its owner. Wierd and strnage.

A little farther up the road I stopped on the side of a back road I take to and from work. I am excited to stretch my legs with my new camera, a Canon EOS 400D. I dismounted but a moment later a car was coming up the road behind me, so I pushed my motorcycle a little more off the road, pressing it, I discovered five minutes later, onto my computer bag, whereupon the outer flap and its plastic seam melted and curled up to their owner's great surprise!

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craigb said...

Fire! Cool shots. It is interesting that your first impulse was to take pictures instead of find a fire extinguisher, but such is the burden of a new camera. It yearns to be used.