Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Philper overflow…

[I have decided to keep FCA fairly well integrated with my new gig at Philosophia Perennis. So from time to time I will post notices pertaining to things I posted there, or to posts I think my readers, whoever or whatever they may be, should be aware of.]

Crucial questions…: "To ask why God wills your life, in a moment of contrition, perhaps, or in a period of confusion and isolation, is but to ask why God wills Christ’s death. …"

"And God saw that it was 'good'…": "Anyone passingly familiar with philosophy over the last, say, millennium, should be comfortable with the various uses of inverted commas, indirect quotations, ironic scare quotes, and the like. …"

This is a long, and at times very humorous, discussion of how philosophers use quotation marks in order to indicate the reference or usage of things being said, the goal of which is to propose a solution to Euthyprho's Dilemma. I think you would enjoy it even if those topics normally make your eyes glaze over.

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