Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yeah, I been busy…

ERNIUS: How ya been lately, man?

BERTUS: Oh, I been keepin' myself busy.

ERNIUS: Ya? Doin' what?

BERTUS: Oh, you know… tryin' to make the best use of my time. Finding my center.


BERTUS: I took three personality tests online yesterday. One before lunch, two after.

ERNIUS: Wow. So…? What did you learn about yourself?

BERTUS: Well, it was different all three times, so now I'm a little scared to be left alone with myself. I mean, would you trust yourself alone with yourself if you knew you could have personality swings like that? I started as an engineer-planner, but then I was a Volvo-Saab, and then I turned out to be beaver-woodpecker.

ERNIUS: Wow, yeah, it's… pretty scary. To imagine. Learning all that, about yourself, in one day.

BERTUS: And I want to talk to my parents about why my brother used to say I was adopted.

ERNIUS: Rock on, dude.

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