Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anything worse, anything better…?

Is there anything more pestiferous than a big dog that thinks it is a small dog?

And is there anything more adorable than a small dog that thinks it is a big dog?

This asymmetry carries over into human interactions, I believe. Such as how childish self-seeking in grown people is universally loathed. Or how children wearing their parents' clothing are universally adorable.

I am further inclined to say this tendency points to something fundamental about creation and God's will for it. As well as to the absurdity of human arrogance in the face of, and in contrast to, the kenosis-Incarnation of Christ.

What that 'something' might be exactly, however, I cannot say at this moment.

I am reminded of C.S. Lewis's medieval reminder in The Four Loves, The Weight of Glory, and, in a more oblique way, Miracles, that the higher contains the lower.


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