Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why we like abortion...

We like offing the little ones before they can fight back, since the best defense is a quick offense. We like doing babies in before they can move, since no one likes a moving target. We like 86'ing them before they can cry, since no one likes a howling infant and stifling silent screams is easier before they hit the air.

We send countless children down the River Styx so we can keep our place on the merry cruise called Hedonism. (After all, who do these youngsters think they are, requiring an alcohol- and drug-free womb for their own good?) We flush them out while we're still svelte and undetected, lest the hormonal snowball effect ruin our figures, reps, and precious swollen bankrolls.

People willing to kill babies in order to save a relationship or save some dreamt-of future, are willing to resort to any measures--including deceit, drugs, affairs, and more--down the line to keep things going. We are happily utilitarian as long as "we" the mighty all agree we are the only "we" are the only "people" involved in attaining the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people.

Abortion is a kludge––a theoretically ‘clever’ but practically inept solution to a problem. Any kludge, like any abortion, only makes the problem worse than it was before, sort of like tearing a big enough hole in your pants sew them over with an even bigger stitch, only to find the mend shrinks a few sizes off the pants and you can't even wear them. Kludges are inspired by the furtive wisdom of fixing a problem before anyone notices it and in a way no one would think to forbid. But as time goes on, the kludge-work diffracts its disorder into other parts of the system, entailing kludge upon kludge, all so the buck doesn’t stop here and each tinkerer can stay ahead of the other who might be looking for a sign of weakness.

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