Friday, April 24, 2009


Look, Ma, no hands!

The interface consists, essentially, of a keyboard displayed on a computer screen. "The way this works is that all the letters come up, and each one of them flashes individually," says Williams. "And what your brain does is, if you're looking at the 'R' on the screen and all the other letters are flashing, nothing happens. But when the 'R' flashes, your brain says, 'Hey, wait a minute. Something's different about what I was just paying attention to.' And you see a momentary change in brain activity."

Something about this reminds me of Portal turret droids. Standing around all day with nothing to do but focus their attention on moving objects. Gotta love this HUH-larious riff on Portal. Ahh, Portal, how do I love thee? One of the few games I have ever played longer than an hour AND which I have won. That has to be some kind of big endorsement: even non-gamer nerds like it.

Hat tip to Mindful Hack… such a great blog.


D.J. Skull-Fog said...

Yeah, you guys like gettin the CUBE on your face! PWNED.

Anonymous said...

D.J. Skull-Fog, aren't you The Cogitator?

At any rate, why no more posts?

The Cogitator said...

DJ Mandrake,

I am firmly convinced, on grounds that need not at present be disclosed, nor analyzed, that some agent or some force, probably an unreconstructed Communist interloper, is tampering with and polluting my precious bodily fluids. Hence, I have written nothing since sequestering myself at Burpelson Air Force Base.

Or maybe I'm just in a funk facing exile. :emoticon:

D.J. Skull-Fog said...

Nay, I am not The Cogitator. Just a guy who rarely contributes to this blog, mostly because I don't feel like I can keep up to the Cogitator's output... kind of a negative-feedback loop for blogging.