Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Science is, is not…

“Science is the new religion, and healthcare one of its greatest gods. I live my life under the unsleeping benevolence of Science and show my pious devotion by supporting its advancement and perfection the world over. But at times I fall ill, incurring the wrath of my lower, prescientific inheritance and the wild assaults of a yet unbridled Nature. But I am not afraid. For all I must do is enter the medical temple nearest me, pay my offering to the god of the Healthcare System, and receive ablutions and counsel from the high priests in the scrubs and white coats. They invoke the powers of Science on my behalf and I consume the concoctions of deep wisdom. In time, all is set right within me. I am one with the Laws of Nature. If the Healthcare System fails some, which I admit having heard of, blasphemous as the idea sounds, it is only because Nature has not yet deigned to disclose her deeper secrets and our high priests are not yet pure enough to pierce of veil of Science to behold the naked face of Nature. But in time a great Savior, an all encompassing and absolutely simple Theory, will come––it has been prophesied! And then the ancient art of Prediction shall be complete––nay, obsolete, for the Theory will expose Nature's innermost essence as one unified harmony, in which prediction will be redundant because axiomatic!”

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