Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Way back when...

Buddhists and Hindus claim we are what we are because of who we were in previous eons.

Christians and Jews claim we suffer what we suffer and do what we must because of a primordial deformation of creation by our ancestors, our earliest nature.

Materialists and fatalists claim we do what we do and are what we are because prior causal conditions leave us no other choice.

Thus it seems one transcendent aspect of humanness is our inability to shake the burdens of 'anticity'.

Perhaps the only way "out" is to reorient our anticity into the vivacity of Christ ever-present in the Eucharist, not as a mere historical anamnesis, but as the formal agent of what we have come to call "history" itself. We ought not then look "ahead" nor "behind" for Utopia, but simply "Behold!" hic et nunc Him Who Is in the Gift of Bread and Wine.

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