Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humanitarian tourists...

Chaos Eases in Effort to Help Feed the Hungry in Haiti -

As of Sunday, 639,200 people had received a meal from the United Nations' World Food Program, 32 percent of the two million estimated to be in need. Aid groups say that they have been knocked back on their heels by a catastrophe they describe as more difficult to manage than famine in Africa or the tsunami in Asia. ...

The collapse of the headquarters of the United Nations mission here robbed the relief effort of a central command.

Some of the groups that had rushed into the void were competent veterans. Others were what organizers from larger groups described as "humanitarian tourists": nongovernmental organizations full of good intentions, but with limited supplies and experience.

"They added to the confusion," Mr. Canale of Unicef said, "not to the solutions."

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