Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gym regimen - July 2010

7 July 2010
88kg, BMI: 25
"A1" workout: Biceps and Quads, 90+ mins

Warmup: 60 jumping jacks, jump rope 100x, calisthenics/stretching

Abs (before, between, and/or after sets):
Incline situps 40x;
Leg raises 30x;
Russian twists 40x;
Crossover crunches 40x;
Seated oblique twists: 25x @ 30kg
[Need to be careful about mild low-gut strain--no hernias for this noob!]

Squat: 12x @ 50kg, 10x @ 65kg, 8x @ 67.5kg, 8x @ 70kg

Leg press: [seated] 12x @ 80kg, [seated] 10x @ 100kg, [decline] 8x @ 100kg, [decline] 8x @ 120kg

Leg extension: 12x @ 30kg, 10x @ 30kg, 8x @ 35kg, 6x @ 50kg

Barbell curl: 12x @ 30kg, 10x @ 32.5kg, 8x @ 35kg, 6x @ 40kg

Chinups: 10x, 10x, 10x

Incline dumbbell curl (reps per arm): 10x @ 10kg, 8x @ 12kg, 7x @ 12.5kg, 6x @ 12.5kg

Alternating hammer curl (reps per arm): 10x @ 10kg, 8x @ 12kg, 7x @ 12.5kg, 6x @ 12.5kg

Cooldown: Jump rope 2-3 mins; Underhand wrist curl: 15x @ 35kg; Seated wrist curl: 15x @25kg; Underhand wrist curl: 15x @ 35kg; Seated wrist curl: 25kg to failure


I ditched the hack squat and step-up, but kept the chinups for three sets. Barbell curls felt nice. I'm still experimenting with my quad routine, but I felt a lot more confident and "pumped" with a wider, open stance. I love the decline leg press! It's a free weight machine, so there is a lot of weight I can add over the year(s), whereas the seated leg press uses a weight-plate stack that goes up to only about 160kg. The leg extension machine is a worthy adversary, as always, bringing my once glorious quads back into some overdue wakefulness, but I fear I will start maxing out the weight stack, so I'll need to think of something. This article by eight-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, gives some wisdom about how to fit less than leg-shattering leg extensions into an otherwise solid leg routine:

Begin with leg extensions to warm up the thighs for the heavy-duty compound movements to come. When I started out, I'd kick off my leg workout with squats. Not so smart--that was a great way to torment my knees. My mistake was trying to blitz my legs in only 10 minutes. Don't rush your workout! Take the time you need to warm up your muscles for optimal gains in size and quality.

I do a light warm-up set of 15 leg extensions, before two working sets of eight to 10 reps. Pause for a count of one at the top of the movement, and don't let the weight drop as you return to the starting position. The goal is to maintain continuous tension throughout the full range of motion.

Leg presses are next on the agenda. Even after leg extensions, the knees are not ready to handle heavy squats.

Silly me, I began with squats and ended on leg extensions after the leg press! So I think my knees will be a little sore tomorrow or so. Live and learn!

And then, of course, there is Jean Groulx's "quad-shocker" routine, a workout "so intense that it demands at least one week of complete rest and recuperation for the legs." In time, young grasshopper, in time. I've got to keep breaking my tendons and ligaments in, slowly but steadily.

I know it sounds sick, but I really hope my biceps are sore tomorrow and the next day. If not, I think I'll need to cut back on my weight and increase my reps until near failure every set. Stay tuned.

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