Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gym regimen - July 2010

17 July 2010
89kg, BMI 25
A3 workout: Hamstrings and Back: 90+ mins

Warmup: 120 jumping jacks, stretching/calisthenics

Straight leg deadlift: 12x @ 50kg, 10x @ 55kg, 8x @ 60kg, 8x @ 70kg

Leg curl: 12x @ 25kg, 10x @ 25kg, 12x @ 30kg, 12x @ 30kg

Underhand barbell row: 12x @ 40kg, 10x @ 45kg, 8x @ 50kg, 6x @ 60kg [?]

Wide-grip lever lat pulldown: 12x @ 55kg, 10x @ 65kg, 12x @ 70kg, 12x @ 75kg/80kg

One-arm dumbbell row: 12x @ 15kg, 10x @ 18kg, 10x @ 25kg, 6x @ 27.5kg [?]

Lever bench row: 12x @ 35kg, 10x @ 40kg, 8x @ 60kg, 6x @ 70kg

Cooldown: Jump rope 4 mins, stretching


I felt very sluggish and uninspired this workout. I need more sleep. And not just "more" sleep, but enough rest by falling asleep at an earlier hour. Getting to bed early has long been a problem for me, son of two night owls and an individualistic "night reader" (…like Hitler, actually, but less manic). I can feel my past couple weeks at the gym catching up with me, especially my A1 and A2 workouts this Wednesday and Thursday. That's good, actually, since it means my body is investing energy into growth and not just quick exertion for a one-off workout. (My weight seems to have gone up a little, but most of the discrepancy is that I weighed in with shoes on.) My legs and forearms are already visibly stronger and I'm improving on the jump rope. Once again I was stunned at how disproportionate the majority of lifters here are: they're more into shoulder-bicep-and-pec-building than BODYbuilding. Time for a nap and then Mass tonight. Stay tuned.


Jaxon said...
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Jaxon said...

I think its more than this truth.... people are really cautious about their health and gym is only option they think...!!!What else can city give to a person??? I love the rural life of true hard work!!! Gym