Saturday, August 27, 2011

Philosophy gads on...

If the world is so awful, why are you still living it?

Walk. You will save time and money.

Do you see better around blind people? Hear better around the deaf? Live better among corpses? If not, it's your loss.

Don't be Hazel Motes. Or do, and then be what Haze had wanted to be.

Adult life is so much less shocking than I always thought it would be.

‎"John Coltrane's music is one of the reasons that suicide seems so boring." -- LeRoi Jones, aka, Amiri Baraka, liner notes to Coltrane: Live at Birdland

I think the saddest stage in any philosopher's life is to be no longer engaged or startled by arguments. "Ah, yes, that old line. Well, as we know...." And even sadder state is for a theologian no longer to marvel at the divine goodness.

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