Monday, June 13, 2005

Movers and shakers

The move into my new aprtment is 95% done! One big van-load (half books, tee hee!) on Saturday and then a couple taxi rides with bags of miscellany. I'll probably make one more trip to bundle all the little things and then I'll be in for good. The apartment is big and simple and I really like the location. Though I have no Internet, there is a 24-hour Internet cafe half ablock away, so bills and correspondence are still feasible.

I blew a fuse last night (literally) changing bulbs, so right now a good segment of my apartment (including my office and bedroom!) have no power. So much for writing that test last night... [sulk]. The good news is that even though I blew a *fuse*, *I* didn't blow a fuse!

As much as I'd like to "keep up" with blogdom (esp. at Papal Ponty's, e.g.), I can tell that urge is like DTs: a necessary phase to pass through on the way to freedom. I've slept at the new palce two nights now, and it's been great just going to bed. No Internet, no chatting, no stupid videos, etc. No problem.

Last day at Providence University today (till fall semester). Yet more goodbyes. ;)

I'm at work now, and I do need to write that test. Sew, buy buy dill necks thyme!

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