Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Speaking of his Dane-ness...

Have a look at my dear puppy, Dane! He's grown a good deal (for a Chihuahua, that is), and his wimpiness has really matured into a delightful full-blown puppyishness.

Here's a taste:

I would post all the pics here, but I don't want to burden FCA's upload with yet more image bandwidth, not to mention I'm afraid the pics might shove my sidebar down to the bottom of the page [for, sigh, Explorer users], like they have before.

If I haven’t' said it before, let me say it now: almost the sole reason I have Dane is because HE MAKES ME HAPPY. No theory. No plan. Just pure transcendent affinity. Love at first sight, I kid you not. He helps me listen to my heart. His inexhaustible cuteness and affection realizes the love of God like few others things I know. He is, like all things, a sacramental of divinity. Cuteness is a shadow of divine glory, and even God's shadows are dazzling.

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