Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yeah, well, so...

The end of the semester has been a bit, for me, a bit, hm, busy, yes?

Editing textbooks, re-editing textbooks, having numerous going-away parties and dinners for mission friends, writing letters, preaching, prepping for World Youth Day -- I'm not complaining, but goodness, FCA has gotten a wee bit dusty!

I've officially become a morning person (6-6:30 AM rising, even if I slept late the night before), not the least because of the construction noise across the street starts up, right in time with the surprisingly bright ambient morning light, about 7 AM most days. It's been great really having some unrushed time with God each morning.

My retreat to Jing Shan (to do the Ignatian Exercises) is a no-go. Both available fathers turn out in fact not be available. All the same, I plan to contact some French monks in Tainan to travel together to WYD, or at least meet up somewhere in Europe. I may even retreat with them at their farm-monastery in July.

As far as my biznass goes, I'm still not out of the woods, but I just wanted to give the line a tug. "But Aw'm nawt dead yet!"

BTW, [blegging]if any generous readers would like to get me a birthday (9 July 1979) gift (or ten), have a look at my Amazon wish list.[/blegging] Hmm, my first Catholic birthday. Cool.

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