Friday, March 3, 2006

Bush said what?

The uproar is about Bush claiming no one expected a levee breach in New Orleans during Katrina... but now videos show he was warned about a danger of levee trouble. This is a such a sad ugly mess but I wanted to stake my claim.

Technically, in legalese (or Talking Head BS), Bush was right. So far no videos or testimony shows a levee BREACH was expected. Bush heard about levee flooding, for sure. But not a BREACH. And I hear that makes a very big differnece, really. Plus, it turns out the Louisiana governor, Blanco, accidentally misinformed Bush about the levess being OK or not. I feel terrible for her. Like she meant to donwplay the danger for her people.

This doesn't get Bush off the hook in my book tho because the point of his claim "no one expected" was to clear him and the FEMA boys from blame. It would have been so much more... savory? noble? presidential? ... if Bush had just admitted "We heard conflicting reports, but the fact is, we miscalculated and failed to deliver enough support on time. I am deeply sorry, America. Let's pull together" like that. Hearing "this is the big one", and that Katrina was just as intense as Hurricane Andrew ... only way bigger! ... and when you realize the NO levees weren't even up to CAT 3 standards yet ... this should put some steel in your presidential spine, and get you into the mess with both hands, all guns blazin.

Bush malevolent? No, just too far from the scene and too relaxed, and he let himself get distracted with advisors technicality. The onlt thing that should have been on his mind was "Wow people are going to die, let's go go go!" Even aside from Bush tho NO got drowned because it had a long history of inadequate levees and, facts is facts, I don't think anyone could imagine a storm as wicked as Katrina. It just broke all expcetations, it was the uber-storm and no scenarios could handle that.


the Cogitator said...

It's nice to be informed by my own blog, instead of always being the "informant"!

Diego de la valle said...

Hey Elliot, you have just broken into punditry. ;-) I wasn't aware it was part of your blogging. Didn't you say that you didn't do that sort of thing? I'll be looking foward to it though - practically every day I think about starting a political pundit blog. Hope you're doing well. Tell Chandler I'll get that video game for him sometime soon.

Diego de la valle said...

Ah, you're not Elliot.

the Cogitator said...

You're right, I am not Elliot. I'm trying to convince Chandler to fast from video games for Lent. How apropos, your timing will be exquisite!