Friday, March 3, 2006

Maybe not flu season after all

I'm at my friend Scott's place so I can't be long, but this is good news I'd say.

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the Cogitator said...

Riley, if what you say is true -- about the prolonged laxity and suppurating unpreparedness of the levees, as a federal and local policy -- well, it doesn't bode well for the bird flu's touchdown in the States. Is it really the most prudent thing to WAIT until it hits and THEN speed up vaccine stockpiling? I know there's longterm vision for this "ramp up," but, well, it's chilling to think a possible pandemic is our cattle prod. Then again, the cynical Luddite in me wants to see a lot of this media wash as just more "mass hypochondria". Fear makes news, but, lacking enough of it, news does a fine job of making fear.