Thursday, October 5, 2006

A note from Elliam I. Fakespeare…


Long-time readers here, and occasional mind readers anywhere, know Elliot has a mild obsession for neologism (unlike Derrida's penchant for deologism). Usually, however, after some research, we discover his attempts to neologize are at best cases of "reologism" (i.e., unwittingly copying others' neologisms). Previous examples of his reologisms include "internetorati" and "gengineering" (though, to his credit, he does seem to have something unique in the singular "internetoratus"). His decrepit middle school Latin pays off sometimes, he tells us.

Elliot may for the most part be a better reologizer than a neologizer, but in this case, FCARD is happy to announce Elliot seems to have really done it. Hence, FCARD is officially making the claim here and now on his behalf: current findings indicate Elliot actually coined a couple words in his most recent post ("Pop culchure at large")! Admittedly, using Google as our primary research tool is not so very rigorous, but it suffices for our purposes. (Besides, combing through books, all those heavy books, is so passé.)

The only instance of "sarcasmophilia" FCARD found was here; but this instance hardly seems to count, since the writer completely reversed the concepts (since when does "philia" mean "fear"?) We have found no instances of "sarcasmophobia," so FCA lays claim to it.

Also, while FCARD did find several instances of "culchure," they all seem to represent either genuine spelling errors (no applause), or crude attempts at sounding stupid to sound clever (e.g., "You so stoopid har har har."). Elliot, on the other hand, seems to have actually given the term an intentionally sharper, cultural-critical edge by highlighting the slimy, inert-but-restless, cyclical almost viral-clone nature of pop culture. Culchure in effect pinpoints the double entendre of "culture" being both a matrix of shared lifeways AND as a bacterial habitat (a culch box).

Just a moment... just a moment... FCARD has just picked up an extra neologism in the A&E-06 unit. Current data indicate FCARD itself may have just neologized! This accessory post contains two strong cases: deologism (esp. as postmodern, Derridan method) and reologism (as an all too common fault of Elliot's). Claims hereby thereto lain.

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sarcasmophilia, sarcasmophilie, sarcasmophilic
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