Sunday, October 1, 2006

Virtus cum Scientia

Dear Reader, I welcome your constructive criticism. This passage belongs in an important assignment I´m working on, so I hope it can be as good as possible. You can help! Fire away!

"Virtus cum Scientia" -- literally, Virtue with Knowledge. Virtue (from the Latin word for "power") is the inner capacity to do the good (the good being understood here as justice and love). Knowledge is an inner endowment to know the good (the good being understood here as truth). On the one hand, students should not simply gain more "raw data" to increase their worldly influence, but must use their powers and privileges for promoting the truth of human dignity and divine justice. On the other hand, students must grow in knowledge so they understand how to apply truth in human life. Virtue without knowledge is pitiful, like an expert hiker lost without a map; knowledge without virtue is dangerous, like a speeding train without brakes. These two gifts must always flourish in harmony, since they reinforce each other for the sake of truth, justice, and love. Providence University´s motto captures what we call wisdom (here defined as "truth lived superbly"), simply because the University always aims to capture wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Who was it who said "The more he talked about virtue, the faster we counted our spoons"?

the Cogitator said...

I don't know the name of that wag. But please, pass the salt.

simbolismo dialéctico said...

gracias, buen escrito, virtus cum scientia!