Sunday, April 25, 2010

! and ?

God is the ! that makes a ? of the world. He is the Absolute Fact which puts into question the stability and self-ness (自然) of Nature (大自然). I might, thus, symbolize divine aseity as !. God is the inexpressible mystery of Being which asserts its own richness like an eternal ! and leaves a taste of ? in the metaphysical mouth. Conversely, the world is the inescapable ? which makes clear God's own ! status.

Yet, a strange conversion can take place. The more accessible, reliable, absolute, and mundane the world seems––the more it seems to be the only ! worth noting––, the more God resembles a ?. This is naturalism. The world just is! The more, however, we ponder the ?-shape of the world––its random particularities and unpredictable joys––, the more we are drawn to ponder a reality devoid ?, full of !. The ultimate irony, though, is that once the mind grasps how ! God is, the more His ! becomes shrouded in ?, for something so inexhaustibly ! is itself a kind of ultimate ?.

God is the mirror in which both He sees Himself and the world sees itself qua world.

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