Monday, August 16, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - August 16 - The Beauty of Singing

"Indeed, Lord, the days were not long enough as I found wonderful delight in meditating upon the depth of your design for the salvation of the human race. I wept at the beauty of your hymns, and I was powerfully moved at the sweet sound of your Church's singing. Those sounds flowed into my ears, and the truth streamed into my heart. My feeling of devotion overflowed, and the tears ran from my eyes, and I was happy in them."

-- Confessions 9, 6

The power of liturgy.

Prayer. O Lord, my God, let my soul praise you that it may love you. Let it recount to you your mercies that it may praise you for them all.

-- Confessions 5, 1

The power of mercy.

August 16

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