Thursday, August 19, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - August 18 & 19

Perseverance into Old Age

"Please forgive me if I have spoken too much. I am a long-winded old man, and ill health has made me anxious. As you see, I have grown old with the passing years. But for a long time now, this ill health has made an old man of me. However, if God is pleased with what I have just said, he will give me strength. I will not desert you."

-- Sermon 355, 7

Prayer. Lord, with your help we have done what you commanded. Reward us, now, as you promised.

-- Sermon 31, 6

August 18

The Providence of God

"God is the unchanging conductor as well as the unchanged creator of all things that change. When he adds, abolishes, curtails, increases, or diminishes the rites of any age, he is ordering all events according to his providence.

"This will hold good until the beauty of the completed course of time--whose parts are the dispensations suitable to each different period--shall have played itself out, like the great melody of some ineffable composer."

-- Letter 138, 1

Prayer. Instruct me, Lord, and command what you will. But first heal me and open my ears that I may hear your words.

-- Soliloquies 1, 1

August 19

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