Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Hi there. I need to be forthright. I'm barely keeping up with doing my laundry and getting enough sleep, let alone nurturing my relationship with God. Now I may well contradict myself and keep up my breakneck blogging pace at the expense of the *rest* of my life, but, assuming I take the grace I hope God gives, I shall be cutting back on the blogging, certainly at least for a time.

The problem is not the actual blogging; it's the inevitable extra (and extraneous) time I spend online as a result of blogging. I log on with the modest aim of catching up on news and passing along the good finds to you... but then find myself wandering all over God's gray Internet. Ideally, and more likely, once I get my "rule of life" (living schedule) back in order in the wake of summer, I will be able to use my news and blog-prep time more efficiently. I simply *need* structure. As much as I chafe against them, I need deadlines and curfews.

So, that's what I'll be shooting for: not necessarily less blogging, just less time spent blogging. Oh heck, you'll get by, who am I kidding? Night, folks. Email me any goods and, if you have that gnarly faith thing, pray for me.

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