Friday, August 6, 2004

Christian Heritage - August 5 - Let Your Light Shine

"Christ is the true light which enlightens every person who comes into the world. This light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not received the light. No one receives this light but those who are poor in spirit and have stripped themselves of self-love and self-will.

Dear, dear children, you must strive after this, sparing no effort of body or soul, so that you may taste this, so that this light may shine in the depths of your souls, so that you may come back to your true source, where this true light shines. Do all that you can, do more than you can, to long and to pray that this may come to you. Do everything in your power, and ask those who love God to help you. Cling to those who cling to God, so that they may draw you with them to God. And may our loving God himself help us to this end.

John Tauler (AD 1300-1361), Sermon 16 for Fifth Saturday of Lent: Spiritual Conferences, pages 57-59

Tauler was a Dominican friar. He preached to contemplative Dominican nuns. His style is down to earth, and above all he advocated humility and simplicity.

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